There are many existing housing programs in New York City aimed at affordability for low-income tenants. This paper will outline two particular programs known as the Tenant-Interim-Lease (TIL) Program and the Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program (ANCP) in order to assess their affordability for low-income New Yorkers and their ability to offer a long-term and cost-effective housing model. This research paper will present community land trusts (CLTs) and mutual housing associations (MHAs), as extensions of the TIL and ANCP programs, and alternative solutions to the affordable housing crisis in New York City. This paper will examine historical and current housing policies to provide context for the current system. The shortcomings of these policies will be discussed in order to explain the necessity of alternative policy implementation. A realistic approach to the shortcomings of our policy proposal will be discussed, as well as the roadblocks to implementation. We will look to examples of CLT and MHA enactment within New York City and nationwide in order to determine how it can be successfully replicated on a larger level.

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